Latest Events…

Kristy H.A. Kang nominated to be newest Adobe Education Leader:

The Adobe Education Leader (AEL) program is made up of education professionals in schools and higher education institutions in countries around the world who want to engage closely with Adobe to help create and communicate a vision of technology-enhanced education environments.


July 8-10, 2013:  Presentation of a paper “Between Theory and Practice: Designing Narratives of Place in Immigrant Communities” at the International Visual Sociology Association 2013 Annual Conference: The Public Image, Goldsmiths, University of London.


June 26th, 2013: A presentation on “Animation and the Art of Interface Design” at the Redefining Animation 25th Annual Conference of the Society for Animation Studies.  The conference will be held in Los Angeles at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts.


National Tour of The Dawn at My Back

The Dawn at My Back: Memoir of a Black Texas Upbringing continues its national tour as part of the UCLA Film and Television Archive film series L.A. Rebellion: Creating a New Black Cinema.

“This evocative DVD-ROM from the Labyrinth Project, based on a memoir by Carroll Parrot Blue, leads viewers on a rich visual and textual exploration of Blue’s family history, and of the history of Houston’s black community. Using her great-grandmother’s quilt as an interface, Blue and co-director Kristy H. A. Kang create plateaus of historical and narrative interest in a series of visual “panscapes,” constructed from original photographs, video and archival materials, and the spoken word. Winner of an Online Film Festival Jury Award at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival.”

Shannon Kelley, UCLA Film and Television Archives

Upcoming screenings:

·         Chicago, March 28 – June 7, 2013
·         Film Studies Center at the University of Chicago
·         Conversations at the Edge at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago
·         Block Cinema at Northwestern University

·         Washington D.C., March 3- May 13, 2013
·         The National Gallery of Art
·         AFI Silver Theatre in Silver Spring, MD

·         Harvard Film Archive, Cambridge, April 19-May 6, 2013

Past screenings:

·         Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, September – October 2012

·         International House, Philadelphia, January 2013

·         TIFF Cinematheque, Toronto,  January – February 2013

·         Museum of the Moving Image, New York, February 2013

·         Northwest Film Forum, Seattle, March 1-24, 2013


April 4, 2013:  A presentation of interdisciplinary work in the digital humanities that explores narratives of identity formation and cultural memory at UC Riverside as part of Critical Digital Humanities. The Critical Digital Humanities Collective is a group of graduate students and faculty members of the University of California, Riverside who work on, and through, the complex materialities of digital networks.  (


February 5, 2013:  “Image and Illusion: The Art of Film”.  A lecture on early cinematic devices of illusion and spectacle for The Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s Evenings for Educators Series.