The Labyrinth Project

The Labyrinth Project is a research initiative on interactive narrative and digital scholarship at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts that has produced a range of award winning works in digital media in collaboration with experimental filmmakers, scholars, scientists and cultural institutions.  Its members include founding director and media scholar Marsha Kinder and media artists Rosemary ComellaKristy H.A. Kang and Scott Mahoy.  Since it’s beginnings in 1997,  Kang has been a researcher, project director, and designer on a range of collaborative and pioneering projects which are excerpted below.  Please visit The Labyrinth Project website to learn more.

Adobe Solutions across the Campus: The University of Southern California & The Labyrinth Project

In 2009 Adobe Worldwide Education featured The Labyrinth Project’s interactive narratives in a series that explores innovative and creative uses of multimedia technologies in higher education.